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Our core service is the import and sale of high quality used cars from Europe,  Japan and Singapore. Every car undergoes a number of checks prior to import and prior to handing over to our client.

Pre-import inspections

1. HPI Inspection for:

Accident – Both physical and electronic spot checks are carried out to verify that the car has not been in an accident

Theft – All cars are inspected to verify that they have not been the subject of any theft or fraud investigation
Finance/HP clear – Certification that the car is clear from any finance or hire purchase charge or lien.

2. Physical on-site inspection

Our professional inspection team, visits the site and inspects every car for wear and tear, potential damage, and exterior and interior condition of all car parts and accessories.

3. Mileage – Inspection to verify original mileage count

Every car we import, is in mint condition without any wear and tear


Once selected and purchased the cars are immediately transported to port of departure and are loaded on the next available sailing to Cyprus. Each car is carefully parked on trailers for easy loading and unloading upon reaching the Limassol Port.

Hand-over to client

Before we hand-over the keys of a car to our client, we:

1. Perform a full service

2. We ensure that all other car parts are in mint condition such as:

  • Tyres
  • Paint-work
  • Brake-discs

3. Every car undergoes an overall detailed valeting which makes the car looks and smells like brand new



Xydas and Teggeris offers the service of special ordering of cars. The interested client chooses from a variety of cars that have already been identified by our team, based on his criteria. Alternatively, the client can identify a car on his own and provide its details for purchase to us.

Every car undergoes the same checks and scrutiny as our ex-stock cars and the client also has the option to transport it in an individual container.

The client only provides a small down-payment of 10% for the car with the full purchase price being paid only upon delivery and to his satisfaction.



Xydas & Teggeris is always in the market for buying cars from the local market. If you have a car that you would like to sell, please send us an email or visit our showroom to discuss the opportunity. Once we inspect the car, we will purchase it for cash.

Xydas & Teggeris also offer a car-repurchase program to its clients. If you have purchased a car from us, we will always be in a position to buy it back from you.



Xydas & Teggeris is best known for its after sales service. You only need to ask one of our hundreds of clients that have bought a car from us. We are always there to assist you whatever the need is.

Regular service

We will pick-up your car from your home or office, service it, repair it, clean it and deliver it back to you in the shortest time possible.


In the unlikely event that your car will need repair, we will fix it for you. We work with a number of professional mechanics and body shops to allow us quick and cost efficient repairs. Before any type of repair will be undertaken, we will inform you of the cost and time requirement and upon your approval we will proceed with the repairs. You only need to know us, and We will do the project-management of the repair work.



Most of our cars come with a 1-year full warranty all inclusive such as electronics, engine, gearbox and battery.